Videos & Literature

Click on a video and/or brochure to access information about the Destuff-ITTM.

Curious to know if a Destuff-ITTM can handle your product? With machines in Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia & Europe, we probably have a video showing how the Destuff-ITTM moved something similar.

Call 1 (800) 263-9823 and speak with one of our technical sales representatives at ext. 272.



Destuff-IT™ Flyer

Informative flyer highlighting the safety features of the Destuff-IT™.

Destuff-IT™ Brochure

Informative brochure highlighting the benefits of the Destuff-IT™.

Platform Options

Overviews the differences between the standard & wide operator platforms.

Time Studies

Highlights productivity gains realized by actual Destuff-IT™ users.