The Restuff-ITTM is a bi-directional unit designed to aid workers who load and unload floor-stacked product from trailers and containers. It is an asset to both inbound receiving docks and outbound shipping docks. The Restuff-ITTM has a modular belt which is capable of traveling in two directions (forward & reverse).

Operators can achieve greater throughput with less fatigue and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall. Workers stand on the operator platform and are able to access controls, drive and steer. Using hydraulic power, an operator controls the vertical height of the platform in order to safely position himself/herself to the product being loaded or unloaded. While standing on the platform, the worker grasps the rotary handle which allows the pivoting conveyor to be easily guided left and right. This maneuverability enables the operator to position the conveyor near the product, significantly reducing the risk of injury from repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching.

When in unload mode, the Restuff-ITTM is capable of achieving similar results to the Destuff-ITTM. It is capable of reducing unload times as well as demurrage charges, standby charges and drop trailer charges. The Restuff-ITTM can reduce the number of doors needed for the unload operation by enabling more trailer turns per door.

In loading mode, the ergonomic benefits of the Restuff-ITTM are realized by using the operator platform to lift the worker to the proper position relative to the box wall. In addition to this ergonomic benefit, by increasing the accessibility to the top of the container, many users also realize an increase in cube utilization.

The robust construction of each Restuff-ITTM makes it an ideal loader and unloader for multi-shift operations. Learn more about the various features of the Restuff-ITTM by clicking here.


  • Inbound warehouse unloading docks handling boxes, carpet rolls and tires.
  • Outbound warehouse loading docks handling boxes, carpet rolls and tires.
  • Distribution centers handling delicate product and/or floor loaded [non-palletized] in shipping containers or trailers.
  • Portability of machine allows it to be used at multiple dock doors.

Conveyor System Integration

  • Powered Flexible Roller Conveyor – Powered flexible roller conveyor is the most common type of conveyor to integrate with the Restuff-IT™. The Restuff-IT™ is able to connect with various brands on the market today. A mechanical coupler connects the Restuff-IT™ to the flexible conveyor and a quick-connect electrical coupler provides power and controls interface.
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor – When the circumstance requires, the Restuff-IT™ is capable of integrating with telescopic belt conveyors. This type of conveyor is preferred for tire and bag handling.


The Restuff-IT™ machine is easily driven from dock to dock under its own independent power. These self-propelled machines have an integrated drive and steering system capable of negotiating dock leveler slopes and transition plates. Operators use easy to reach controls to travel forward, reverse, left and right.

Restuff-IT™ machines can be integrated with powered flexible roller conveyor and are capable of pushing or pulling conveyor sections into or out of trailers or containers. ELS engineers assess the product to be conveyed and recommend types suitable to the application or integrate units to existing conveyor.

Return on Investment (ROI) Expectations

LOADING: While an ROI number for loading may be a little harder to quantify, it is of utmost importance and will include gains related to productivity, health & safety and cube utilization.

Liberty Mutual is an international company committed to providing insurance products and services to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses. In early 2018, they published findings on the leading cause of workplace injuries in the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. Their findings confirmed the leading cause of injury was overexertion involving outside source, including injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying & throwing. Ranking #1, this category makes up 23.4% of all disabling injuries and equates to $13.7 billion dollars spent in direct costs, including lost time.

By positioning the worker correctly to the box wall, the Restuff-IT™ reduces the amount of overhead reaching required by a dock worker each shift. It also minimizes the amount of lifting required as the conveyed product is guided into place.

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