11 Jun 2018

Do you have a slightly competitive warehouse crew? Want to encourage more team building? Ever heard of the LogistX Games?

The LogistX Games are locally run events for employees working in the supply chain industry. Recently, the 2018 Hampton Roads LogistX Games were held in Suffolk, VA where teams from surrounding businesses vied for the coveted Golden Pallet award (literally, a pallet painted gold).

The games revolved around 4 separate but progressive team events. For example, the ‘Pallet Puzzle Sprint’ (teams assembled, labelled and arranged 32 boxes onto a pallet) and the ‘Pallet Jack Relay’ (teams moved the assembled pallet thru an obstacle course). To be on top, teams needed to mindful of both their technique and the clock, all while enjoying the ever mounting cheers from the crowd.

The true highlight and grand finale of the games was the ‘Box Put’. This event required one member from each team to launch their box as far as possible without breaking the contents. At this year’s LogistX Games, each box contained 3 glass bottles full of different types of liquor. Teams were ‘highly encouraged’ to package their bottles well. Many ‘oohs’ and ‘awes’ could be heard as the joyous crowd watched team after team chuck their box over a hedge made of pallets and onto a hard and unforgiving surface. Some boxes went the distance while others sat atop the cold cement floors, simply oozing their contents for all to see.

While the general public is restricted from attending the LogistX Games, if you ever have an opportunity to attend, or better yet, participate, quickly say YES!

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