A leading global consumer goods company manually unloaded 240 containers per month or 12 containers per day. During peak periods, workers could unload up to 430 containers per month or roughly 21 containers per day. To staff the docks, the company utilized approximately 60 people, the majority of which were agency workers.

The company decided to make an investment in their operation and installed 2 Destuff-ITTM machines on their inbound dock. By optimizing a worker’s positioning to the box wall, faster unload times and greater throughput were realized. Greater throughput meant more trailers could be unloaded each shift and because the Destuff-ITTM reduced the amount of lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching required, workers experienced less fatigue and muscle strain.

The company quickly realized the Destuff-ITTM could help increase the overall health & safety of their workforce as well as maintain a high level of productivity, all with fewer people. The company analyzed their current operation and decided to make a dramatic change. To handle the regular monthly volumes, they hired 12 full time employees to replace the 60 temp workers. Based on the productivity gains realized by the first 2 Destuff-ITTM machines, the company then added a third machine with an additional 6 person crew to assist with seasonal peaks.

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