Let’s face it. For most operations, it’s a numbers game. Companies are constantly trying to implement best practices or cost-saving measures to improve the bottom line.

Many DCs and 3PL operations look to lumping services to reduce receiving costs. Outsourcing this service is a popular and effective way to unload containers in a timely manner while managing costs.

But as the marketplace becomes more and more competitive, lumping services are forced to find a competitive edge and determine how to maintain service levels while reducing costs. Not an easy task when the service you provide is 100% labor.

Introducing the Destuff-IT™. This ergonomic assist aids workers tasked with manually loading & unloading loose-loaded product from trailers & containers. By optimizing a worker’s positioning to the box wall, users experience faster unload times. This translates into higher throughput. Greater throughput means more trailers can be unloaded each shift. In fact, many Destuff-IT™ users are able to reduce their unload costs by 50%.

Using technology to increase productivity while reducing costs is more than smart business, it is essential. For lumping services, the infusion of a Destuff-IT™ machine into the team’s DNA could be a contract game changer.

Still not convinced? Honestly answer the following:

  1. How competitive would your next contract be if you could reduce your quote by ½ the total labor costs?
  2. What would it mean to your bottom line if your crew experienced fewer injuries?
  3. If you could double your productivity, how would your quote compare to a competitors?

Now is not the time to stay status quo.

Now is the time to bring innovation & efficiency to the inbound docks.

Increase productivity, reduce operating expenses and reduce the number of injuries on the warehouse floor you service with the Destuff-IT™.

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