31 Aug 2017

The Restuff-ITTM is a bi-directional machine capable of unloading & loading floor-loaded product from containers and trailers.

When loading, there are four different modes to aid workers in maintaining full control over product flow. The best mode for the situation depends on factors such as size & weight of packages, gap distance between packages, belt speed, number of operators on the platform and height of the box wall.

Restuffing Modes

In Mode 1, the conveyor is set to continuously run and packages do not stop at the end of the conveyor. This mode is best suited for small packages handled by one or two operators.

Mode 2 is ideal when transferring heavy packages or if the operator is loading near the top of the box wall. In this mode, each package passes by a set of sensors. The sensors stop the package at the end of the conveyor. The conveyor remains stopped until the package is removed from the sensors. Once the package is cleared, the operator can restart the belt by using the RUN selector switch conveniently located on the pivoting conveyor.

Mode 3 can be selected when heavy packages are being loaded near the top of a box wall or when the gap between packages is small. In this mode, the belt stops for every package unless the operator allows the package to pass. Operators easily override the system by placing a hand in front of the end sensor to stop the conveyor. Once the package is cleared, the operator restarts the belt by using the RUN selector switch.

The final mode is best for lightweight packages being loaded on the lower two-thirds of the box wall. In this mode, the belt runs continuously unless the operator taps the underside of the rotary handle. This motion stops the conveyor immediately. By using the RUN selector switch, the operator restarts the belt and loading resumes.

Advantages of Different Modes

The mode selector is located on the left hand post (mast with light). Once a mode has been selected, operators stand on either side of the operator platform to load product. Users can easily switch between modes depending on what and where they are loading.

Should your operation load more than one type of product, using different modes can assist your operators in experiencing more throughput and greater handling capacity with less fatigue and muscle strain.

The Destuff-IT™ team has been in DCs and 3PL operations across North America and beyond. Whether your goal is to increase the health & safety of your workforce, increase productivity and/or improve worker morale, the Destuff-IT™ line of products are designed to make working in the can easier and safer for your employees.

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