02 Jun 2017

What if you could save 3 cents? Would you care? To most, it is an insignificant amount. But to others, 3 cents can make a significant difference to the bottom line.

How is that possible?

We recently followed up with one of our newest customers. When asked how their Restuff-IT™ machine was working, the Operations Manager commented “It’s going great. We are averaging about 3 cent less in cost per carton handled.”

Now most people, even some savvy business types, would not be excited over a measly 3 cents. That is until you start doing the math. See at this facility, the company unloads about 1,500 trailers a year. On average, there are 2,000 cartons in each trailer. By reducing costs by $0.03 each time a carton is unloaded, the company is realizing a savings of $60 per trailer. Multiply those savings by 1,500 trailers and that 3 cent per carton equates to an annual savings of $90,000.

That’s amazing right?

Well it gets better. The company has had their machine for less than 7 days. The numbers stated above are within the company’s probationary period and are expected to be even higher once workers feel more comfortable on the machine. In addition, the manager also noted the associates using the machine looked less weary after their shift.

The Destuff-IT™ team has been in DCs and 3PL operations across North America and beyond. Whether your goal is to increase the health & safety of your workforce, increase productivity and/or improve worker morale, the Destuff-IT™ line of products are designed to make working in the can easier and safer for your employees.

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