We make a bold claim. We state that a Destuff-IT™ can help your operation reduce unload costs by 50%+. And we mean it.

The Destuff-IT™ is an ergonomic assist which brings innovation and efficiency to your operation by increasing productivity, reducing unloading costs & reducing the number of injuries on your warehouse floor. Workers experience more throughput and greater handling capacity with less fatigue and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall. By guiding floor-loaded product onto the pivoting conveyor, workers are able to achieve a pace unachievable by other more traditional unload methods with less effort.

The key to realizing optimal efficiency with your Destuff-IT™ is your dock layout. Because product is unloaded at an accelerated rate, a properly laid out dock ensures unload efficiencies are achieved and health & safety measures are increased. Whether it is a single SKU or multiple SKU trailer, the Destuff-IT™ is the catalyst for an effective unload operation.

How can dock layout be that important?

As stated above, the Destuff-IT™ enables operators in the can to unload the box wall at an accelerated rate. If the dock is not laid out properly, your operation will not be able to reduce unload costs by 50%+. The layout is that important. By properly staging & staffing the inbound dock area, workers are able to maintain a pace equivalent to the Destuff-IT™ operator.

The image below highlights one possible layout for a single SKU trailer:


[Destuff-IT™ shown unloading floor-loaded, single SKU product from trailer. Operator is in most upright position. Two (2) dock workers palletize product. Support worker removes completed pallets with forklift.]


Dock Workers: Instead of dock workers building separate pallets, employees work together building pallet by pallet. Once the pallets on one side are completed, both workers move to the other side of the conveyor. Because there are so many forklift accidents each year [according to an article entitled “Shocking Safety Warehouse Statistics” on kokeinc.com, ’as many as 20,000 workers are injured in forklift accidents along each year’], Destuff-IT™ staff strongly recommend workers and forklift drivers be separated by the conveyor. By separating the workers from the forklift, the safety of the workers in greatly increased and an improved flow is immediately achieved.

Support Worker: Once workers move to the opposite side of the conveyor, the support person is able to shrink wrap and license plate the pallet, as well as remove completed pallets. Again, because workers are not on the same side as the forklift or pump truck, pallets are removed without interrupting worker flow or increasing the chance of injury.

After completed pallets are removed, empty pallets are positioned to ensure no downtime is realized. This pattern is repeated until the trailer or container is emptied completely.

Multiple SKUs: For trailers containing multiple SKUs, the dock layout is integral to achieving efficiencies. When the Destuff-IT™ is connected to ample conveyor, dock workers can properly organize their space to receive 10-12 different SKUs at one time. In this example, the greatest productivity gains are achieved when workers clearly understand the number of pieces expected under each SKU. By communicating, pallets can be removed as soon as they are completed, instead of waiting to see if additional product needs to be palletized.

This process can be further enhanced with the introduction of a scanning system. Systems can be integrated onto the conveyor or be portable, stand-alone systems. Scanning systems can enhance product identification.

Conveyors can also be integrated with automated sorting systems. By increasing sorting accuracy and throughput, palletized product can be effectively warehoused in a timely manner.

Heavy Boxes: The Destuff-IT™ machine assists operators transferring heavy boxes onto conveyor. This is great for the operator, but what happens on the dock when workers need to remove the product from the conveyor? Transportable vacuum lift assists can be positioned at the end or middle of the conveyor to aid workers lifting heavy boxes. Depending on the lift assist’s capacity, a single worker can easily remove boxes weighing 200 lbs or more.

Any of the above-noted products (scanners, automated sorting systems or vacuum lifters) can be integrated with your machine either before or after the Destuff-IT™ system has been commissioned at your location.

The Destuff-IT™ team has been in DCs and 3PL operations across North America and beyond. We have seen almost every layout possible and have provided solid dock layout solutions to our customers. Whether your goal is to increase the health & safety of your workforce, increase productivity and/or improve worker morale, the Destuff-IT™ is designed to make working in the can … and on the dock … easier, faster & safer.





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