13 May 2016

In Ontario, both employers and employees play a vital role to ensure health & safety requirements are met in the workplace. At ELS, we take this responsibility seriously.

In accordance with the Ministry of Labour, ELS has a Joint Health & Safety Committee which is composed of worker and employer representatives. Together, JHSC members are mutually committed to both maintaining and improving health & safety conditions in our workplace. The Committee identifies potential health and safety issues, as well as reinforces current policy during monthly meetings. These meetings are mandatory for all ELS staff to attend as proper protocols for maintaining a safe workplace are highlighted & reviewed.  Both employer and employee responsibilities are reviewed and discussed. As a manufacturing facility, topics can range from proper hand signals to use in a loud environment to the necessity of following lockout/tag out procedures. In addition, some helpful hints are also reiterated in the ELS internal newsletter, including tips for driving in bad weather.

In addition, new ELS employees are required to pass the ‘Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps’ testing, a program initiated by the Government of Ontario.

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