21 Apr 2016

Regardless of the container size, size of box or weight of box, companies who start using a Destuff-IT™ machine over their usual step-stool method ALWAYS see a reduction in the number of man hours required to unload a container or trailer by 50%. Read that again — 50%. Because the number of man hours required decreases, unload times are usually affected by a similar amount.

In addition, the unit can be connected to an auto-palletizer for even higher case rates and further labor reductions.

Time after time, the Destuff-IT™ has increased productivity levels in distribution centers & 3PLs across North America. Noted below are results achieved by actual Destuff-IT™ customers during time studies. Is there a sample which resembles your operation? Why not contrast your productivity with the average unload times realized when using a Destuff-IT™?


Productivity Gain Samples

CONTAINER SIZE20' standard ISO40' high cube40' high cube40' standard ISO
# OF CASES OR BOXES PER CONTAINER1,000 cases70-80 boxes4,000-5,000 boxes1,800-2,100 boxes
WEIGHT PER CASE/BOX25 lbs35-115 lbs2-12 lbs35 lbs
SIZE OF CASE/BOX16" x 12" x 6"24" x 24" x 24" to
60" x 30" x 30"
6" x 9" x 6" to
9" x 9" x 9"
11" x 12" x 12"
CASE RATE ACROSS DESTUFF-IT1,325 per hour160 per hour2,000 per hour850 per hour
# OF WORKERS2 people palletizing; 1 person on forklift2 people transfer to carts,
1 person taking away carts
3 people palletizing;
1 person on forklift
connected to auto palletizer
(using Destuff-IT™)
45 minutes30 minutes2.5 hours2.25 hours



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